• Tawfiq Zaatarah & Co. acts as intermediary between the clients and the service suppliers such as hoteliers and land transportation operators and not to be responsible for losses or damage or injury to any person or property, and any other irregularities caused or arising beyond their control.
  • According to the Jordanian Law, all coaches operating in Jordan for tourism purposes are fully insured either against injury or death but it is recommended to arrange your own insurance.
  • Settlement of any possible claims shall be subject to Jordan Laws.
  • Payment is required upon confirmation of the service requested.
  • Cancellation fees vary and it is according to the situation. Please ask for the cancellation fees requirement of your service if you are not notified about it upon confirmation of your service.
  1. Check-in to hotels usually is not before 1.00 P.M.
  2. Checkout from hotels usually is not later than 12.30 P.M. .