Qasr Ammra

Desert castle, The Caliphs of the first dynasty, the Umayyads, loved the desert and sought to renew themselves in small, lovely palaces in the desert. Here, the Caliphs would spend their days hawking, hunting and horse racing, followed by the Turkish Bath in the evening. The best examples of the desert castles are found in the east of Jordan. Qasr Kharaneh

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea At the northern end of the Great Rift Valley lies the Jordan Valley, the lowest point on the surface of the earth. At the Dead Sea, it is more than 400 meters below sea level. The valley is typically Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers. The valley also has profound meaning for religious travelers. The Jordan River is known as the place Jesus was baptized and near where John the Baptist lived.

Dead Sea

Wadi Rum (above view)

Wadi Rum, a place where you feel that the world belongs to you. "Wadi Rum" is like a moon scape of ancient valleys and towering, weathered sandstone mountains rising out of the white and pink colored sands. Much of David Leon's "Lawrence of Arabia" was filmed there and it was also the location where Lawrence himself was based during the Arab revolt.

Wadi Rum


Red Sea Resort, Aqaba, where fantasy, sun, sea and the atmosphere of antiquity charm and where the visitors can enjoy themselves, at any time of the year, in water sports, and winter warmth. Aqaba is warm, sunny and inviting; fringed with palm trees; lapped by the crystal clear water of the gulf of Aqaba; cooled by a steady northerly breeze; and, ringed by mountains that change in color with the change of the hour.

Aqaba (Chicken Fish)

Hot Springs of Ma'in

Zarqa Ma'in,The hot springs at Zarqa Ma'in and nearby Ain ez Zara provided relief from rheumatism for Herod the Great during the last years of his life. In Genesis 36:24, references to the hot springs discovered by the first kings of Edom probably refer to these springs.The hot springs and sulfer springs in the area have made Zarqa Ma'in a popular destination for rest and relaxation. The naturally hot waters cascade down impressive waterfalls and mix together with cold water, in season, before flowing into the Dead Sea.Particularly in springtime, the area hotels are filled, and thousands of people bathe in the covered and uncovered pools.

Hot Springs of Ma'in

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