We at (T.Z.C) Tawfiq Zaatarah & Co. have been sending Business travelers and making vacation dreams from the Middle East to all over the World . On the other hand we are receiving tourists and business men to Jordan , Egypt and Israel . In this web sight we are promoting Jordan . Let us work for you and you will never regret it .
      Thanks to God that we have loyal clients and we shall keep going in this style as long as we are in business .Needless to write more , the fun does start when you get in touch with us !

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TZC ( Tawfiq Zaatarah & C0.)
Tawfiq Zaatarah

Our Offices :
Tawfiq Zaatarah & Co. for Travel & Tourism .
Head Office at Amman - Jordan .
Founded : 1979
Euriabia Shipping and International Transport :
Head office at Amman - Jordan .
Branches : Aqaba and Ghaza
Founded :1976
Zaatarah & Co.
Head office at Amman - Jordan .
Branches outside Jordan : Jerusalem , Ramalla , Ghaza andCairo .
General Sales Agents for : EgyptAir since 1967 .
Founded : 1960